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Credit Report is one of the most important parts in the life of a person, maybe after the most basic needs of his existence. The various causes as to why a credit report is so important are due to the various aspects that it contains. The credit report contains all about the financial statement of a person. It contains all about the history of purchases that a person has made, and then also the various credits that are pending upon him. Now that is not all, it also contains each and every aspect of the legal details of the person’s history. The summary of the thing is about the cases that have been filed on him, the number of times he has been proved guilty, the number of cases that are still pending on him, etc. If for a few companies, they get a hand to the whereabouts of your credit report, then they can actually sell it anywhere online to any part of the world. They are paid largely for it, and they sell it to those who can make a good exploitation of your situation. The current credit report is something that is needed to be kept as clean as possible, if you ask a legal advisor for some instance, because it is something that will help you to keep your requests processing, for a lot of aspects such as finance, health, insurance, medical etc. this is kept clean by checking it from time to time everytime you make a purchase that is big. At that time, it becomes very important to check out for various corrections and omissions that might be possible at any point of time in the report.

A free credit report is the newest fact of the credit report. There has been a lot of noise that had been made by the people from time to time in order to get a concise report of whatever the expenditures that have been made and a detailed record of their balance sheet, without the use of their credit cards to be swiped. The American government decided to hear out what the credit card holders had been in store for them, and allowed the use to view their financial statements atleast once in a year without the need to spend a buck on it. It still got a lot of people into confusion that whether or not they should use their credit card to gather their report, because they felt it might arouse an ambiguity with the people having the same names. So, the three main credit granting bureaus: The Experian, The Transperian and the EquiFax, allowed the people to confirm their identity without the use of their credit cards by furnishing information such as name, date of birth, etc

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